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Our Mission

Is to enjoy developing new technologies
that make our world a safer place

Our Story

   Greetings, my name is Ayrat Bulatov. We started this project with my wife Anastasya as a next step from personal mining. We've decided to do, what we wanted for several years now - make ideas we came to during hardest times into actual products, that would benefit the whole world.

    Long story short, I came into cryptography field by accident in 2011. Was using Warcraft gold mining software, owner of which started to accept Bitcoin. Despite being bedazzled by economic perspectives of the coin, I did find the technology it's based on fascinating, the true elegance of math, how its used, the problems it solved. That made me enthusiastic about the future possiblities. Then I went into mining full head. GPUs, FPGA, then ASICs. I used to watch how entropy plays its "music" on bitminter's  graph, it had ripples. Bitcoin price had ripples too. I've lost nearly everything 4 times by now, for different reasons, one of which was being hacked. That made me dig about information security, just to find out that there is no such thing as real security in IT. The very design of hardware and software makes it to be easily hacked, has so many holes and bugs they're getting found every day, and fixing mostly done manually.

 I've spent some time doing research and came up with solutions. So now we have a solution, not only for information security in general, but also blockchain scalability and decentralisation issues as well. As I had ideas for solving common blockchain problems for many years, just was hoping for someone else to do it, and now we want to develop all of them together. We're looking for bright talents in fintech and crypto industries to create an MVP, so we could start looking for investments. Stay tuned, or better join us to make our world a better place.

Ayrat 2021

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