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Upperhand solutions for Information safety

Developing new solutions
to protect information in post quantum world

The essence of trust dwells on fragility of our world. Secure trustless systems will change our world for good

Securing information in modern systems takes great challenge. Annual losses count in billions. Cyber crime detection level is below minimal. Hacking tools are being sold en mass with subscription plans, and stable access to hacked devices. Only new devices are safe, just to be hacked shortly later. Yet, this doesn't count a possibility of hackers aquiring quantum level tools for attacks. Today quantum encryption is used only for securing communication lines using expensive and unique hardware. Our company is capable of developing new systems which could introduce quantum level security in all fields of data management.

Online security solutions

Keep your data safe online even if your systems get bruteforced by quantum systems

Optimised security for custom needs

Optimise the level of security to suit your current needs

Air gapped fortress

Airgap your offline systems from remote quantum bruteforce

Eliminating human error

Apply zero knowledge algorithms in security systems

Unprecedented Security. Impeccable Reliability.

Management of the organization's processes in the field of ensuring information security and data protection, including for critical infrastructure facilities:

- cryptographic information security

- blockchain infrastructure protection

- cloud service protection

- providing secure remote access to information

- development and implementation of software and hardware protection tools based on the principles of "Security by Design"

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